“Choose the right audiologist and you’ll choose the right hearing aids”

Choose the right Audiologist and you’ll choose the right hearing aids.

​Hearing is personal. It’s about people. It’s not really about products. Of course you want hearing aids which make use of the best technology available. That’s a given. But often two people will get the same great hearing aids, yet one will be very successful and happy for years while the other does poorly, and maybe gives up. Why does this happen?

The answer is this; Hearing care is about successfully applying technology to individuals. People are unique, and nowhere is this more relevant than with hearing. Every patient has a different hearing profile, different hearing priorities, different lifestyles, different physical attributes, different medical histories, different living environments and different family members. It goes on and on. All of these factors are important and must be considered when choosing options, when making decisions about which hearing aids will work best for each person, and how they are to be applied. Continue Reading

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