Patient Stories

Patients know when you truly have their interests in mind. Take a moment to read what some of our patients say about us.

“I am writing to both commend and complement you and Auditory Services on your outstanding knowledge of audiology and your infinite patience with your patients. As a new hearing aid patient, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Your knowledge became immediately apparent in my first examination with you. Your willingness to let me try several brands made the selection process far easier than I expected, your patience and skill were absolutely excellent.”
Curtis L.

“Jeff and Kathy at Auditory Services are very knowledgeable, thorough and focused on helping me hear better. Through many years I have received excellent professional care and great value for my money. They have been very responsive to my needs and quite helpful in addressing my hearing loss. Their high ratings are well deserved.”
John C.

“We have been patients of Dr. Jeff Zolt for many years. Living in Fairfax County, Virginia, we travel over 50 miles round trip to Auditory Services and feel the effort is well worth the inconvenience. Dr. Zolt is highly knowledgeable and has the highest of integrity. He gives efficient, professional service and personal attention. His prices are more than fair. We trust Jeff as if he were our son! We highly recommend him.”
Dotty & Al F.

“I have used Auditory Services since I moved to this area in 1980. It was recommended by the audiologists at Gallaudet. After several years trying hearing aids that did no good at all, I was fitted for aids that actually worked! Over the years, I have upgraded when it made sense and it’s gotten better and more comfortable as technology improves — even though my hearing gets worse. Jeff and Kathy are simply the best — patient, pleasant and encouraging. I have recommended them to many friends and colleagues and all have been very happy with their service. I’ll never go anywhere else (even though they are more than 40 minutes away).”
Joanne L.

“We have only praise and appreciation for them and the work they do. They are always willing to help, even if it means fitting us in when we didn’t have an appointment scheduled. Interactions have always been professional, but more importantly, friendly. When we have presented a problem, they have presented us with a solution that has worked, and have recommended products that fit our needs, not necessarily the most costly ones. Over the years we have developed a trust and appreciation for them that keeps us traveling quite a distance instead of transferring to someone more convenient. Also, because of our appreciation, we have highly recommended their services to friends, who have also been pleased.”
Jay, Liz, & Emma H.

“My mom is in her 80’s and Dr. Grace has been so wonderful in serving her needs. I originally found Auditory Services through Washington Checkbook Magazine when mom was not happy with hearing aids from elsewhere. It is well worth the trip for me to go from Maryland, where I live, to Virginia, where mom lives, to pick her up and take her over to see Dr. Grace. When she had a mishap with her hearing aids the day she was moving from her home to a retirement village, Dr. Grace expedited having her hearing aids fixed, and even loaned her a replacement in the meantime. Karen is also very helpful to us. Auditory Services is dedicated to their patients, and delivers superior service.”
Kay N. & Loretta M.

“I have used Auditory Services for many years and find them to be most competent and accommodating. I have been pleased to recommend them to others in need of their services.”
Irv P.

“Jeff and Kathy are justly famous for their conscientious follow up to the initial sale and adjustment period. I bought a pair of hearing aids from them in 2006 and have never failed to be impressed with their cordial and helpful advice and help throughout the six years.”

“I can state simply that your services have been professional and pleasant for the six or seven years that I have been dealing with you.”
Daniel M.

“I love Auditory Services! Dr. Jeff and Dr. Kathy, with their easy-going and compassionate manner AND endless patience, make an enjoyable experience of the quest for improved hearing. And Karen, office manager, is unfailingly helpful. My first hearing aids came from a university in Washington, DC. I was never quite satisfied. A friend recommended Auditory Services and for seven years I have been hearing happily with the hearing aids they provided. When I need a new set I know their professionalism and expertise will serve me well.”
Jean F.

“I have been a patient of Auditory Services for several years. From the initial visit, through and hearing test, to purchasing and fitting of hearing aids, and follow-up visits, my experience has always ben most pleasant. In particular, Dr. Jeff is a caring audiologist who seems to be genuinely concerned with his patients and takes the time to carefully assess my needs. The receiptionist is equally as pleasant and makes me comfortable during our visits. Can’t say enough about the services of Auditory Services. They are truly one of a kind.”
Mary Ellen K.

“Your service over many years has been outstanding. After you left your downtown location and moved to Silver Spring, it would have been easy for me to seek similar services downtown. Yet, I drive to Silver Spring because you have my confidence and you provide personal, individual attention to me. You have my trust in all matters regarding my hearing needs. Thank you again for many years of support.”

“I have always found Auditory Services to be very interested in getting me the best hearing aids possible that I could afford. They have also been most helpful in fitting my aids to my ears, which has been complicated.”
Elizabeth B.

“I can state simply that your services have been professional and pleasant for the six or seven years that I have been dealing with you.”
Daniel M.

“I will never forget your tireless efforts to help me with my difficult hearing problem, nor will my family. Both my son and grandson were amazed at your generosity of your time, especially on a holiday.”
Estelle S.

“Auditory Services has been my hearing aid provider and source for maintenance and repair for more than twenty years. Their help for me in coping with my hearing loss has had many gratifying dimensions, but the overriding characteristic that endears them to me the most is their integrity. I’ve come to depend totally on Jeff Zolt for honest assessments of various alternative equipment, for an understanding of my particular needs, and for responsiveness to my periodic requirements for maintenance and repairs for my aids. I appreciate his and his associates’ technical knowledge, the efficient operation of their office, and their focus on long-term relationships with their patients.”
Hal D.

“I had a very satisfactory experience with Auditory Services. I was seen by Dr. Kathy Grace who combined professional skill with a warm and friendly manner. At no time did I feel pressured to choose unneeded “bells and whistles” to drive up the costs of my hearing aids. Instead, Dr. Grace listened carefully to my account of my hearing problems and, based on the results of her tests, she recommended hearing aids at a very moderate price. On top of all that, Dr. Grace was kind enough to laugh at my bad “audiological” joke!”
Alfred S.

“Jeff Zolt is a great audiologist. I’ve been going to see him for hearing aids since middle school, and he’s always personable and professional. He understands how important it is for me to be able to hear in the classroom, on the lacrosse field, and now at work. There are so many different styles of hearing aids and settings, and he’s helped me to choose the best pair of aids for my lifestyle. Anyone at any age thinking about going to Jeff to discuss hearing aid options should. It’s not worth missing out because you have a hearing loss, so be proactive and seek the hearing help you deserve.”
Jennifer G.

“Although Auditory Services is a 45-50 minute drive from my house, I went to them because they were so highly recommended in Washington Checkbook, and I have been very happy with their service. Jeff and Kathy are very competent, honest, and friendly, and I paid significantly less for my hearing aids than my ear doctor would have charged.”
Elizabeth S.

“Auditory Services well deserves the high ratings for both quality and price it has obtained in the Washington Consumers Checkbook. Jeff Zolt has been my audiologist for more than five years. He is attentive to my particular needs and always responsive when I request special attention. I am pleased with the instruments he recommended.”
A. Meyers

“I have always found Auditory Services to be very interested in getting me the best hearing aids possible that I could afford. They have also been most helpful in fitting my aids to my ears, which has been complicated.”
Elizabeth B.

“I have found Auditory Services to be a fine service. Dr. Kathy Grace has always been very helpful and professional in providing advice and help with problems. I purchased Widex brand hearing aids there about seven years ago and they have performed the best of several types I’ve had over a period of about 23 years. If and when I decide to seek hearing aids with newer technology or design, I plan to do it through Auditory Services.”
Michael A.

“I just wanted to say thank you to Auditory Services for being very close to home. My mom has received nothing but great customer service here and Ms. Kathy has done the best keeping my mom’s hearing aid and other products up to date. I just want to say thank you all for the care.”
Christine C.

“A belated thank you for my latest digital hearing aids. They’ve made a world of difference. I’m hearing things clearly that I haven’t heard clearly in several years. I resisted the move to digital aids for some time, but these are far superior to what I had before. Thank you so much for them, and for all your excellent care over the years. It’s great to know that anytime I have a problem, major or minor, you’re there to help — usually with same-day service. I’ve dealt with several hearing professionals over the years — you are definitely tops.”
Nancy K.

“This is a letter of thanks for the expert advice and help you have given me during the eight years I have been wearing hearing aids. You have helped me make good decisions about the type of hearing aids I bought, providing me with the best that I could afford and many times giving me advice about how to make good use of them; using strategies in my classroom and at home with my family, especially with my grandchildren. I have also appreciated your patience and kindness, providing loaners (and no scolding) when I lost one of my hearing aids and the many cleanings and adjustments through the years. Your knowledge and interest, and the helpfulness of everyone at Auditory Services has made it possible for me to wear hearing aids confidently, knowing that should I need assistance it is only a phone call away.”
Pamela D.

“For some time now, I have wanted to send you a note of appreciation for your excellent care of my hearing aid needs over the last ten years. Your expertise in your field is outstanding and certainly inspired the respect and trust of my husband and me. In addition to your professional abilities, your courteous understanding and empathy have been a great comfort to me (as well as all your patients, I’m sure). Also, the hearing aids you provided us have done a fine job of keeping me in touch with our big, noisy world! They have lasted all these years needing very little special care other than the minor adjustments you made on my regular checkup visits to your office. Thanking you again for your excellent personal attention and service.”
Helen M.

“Y’all (remember, I’m from Texas) are among the very nicest and most considerate people I’ve ever dealt with, and at my age (83+), I’ve dealt with a lot so far. Not only do you (Jeff, Kathy, and Karen) know what you’re doing, but you seek new information on what’s available that might be of assistance to all of us with hearing loss, yet you don’t “push” just to sell the product. Having gone through some twenty years of dealing with “hearing aid dispensers,” none of you could believe the lack of concern out there. I am thankful daily for your kindness and consideration.”
Vanetta S.

“To my surprise, I realized at age 57 that I could no longer enjoy movies and television due to hearing loss caused by continuous loud playing of rock music. I had saved a Washington Post article which cited Auditory Services as the area leader in providing assistance to the hearing impaired. After diagnosing moderate hearing loss, Dr. Zolt helped me select the proper pair of hearing aids, which greatly improved my lifestyle and relationships. That original set has lasted more than two years beyond the promised five year useful life with only one factory repair in addition to my daily cleanings. I am extremely satisfied. Not to go unmentioned, the pleasant and effective appointment scheduling has always fit my needs.”
Pamela D.

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