The Dangers of Too Much Noise

Construction Worker At Site

Exposure to noise from the workplace and noise-induced hearing loss can be dangerous to your health according to a recent study.  Researcher’s found that workers regularly exposed to noise levels of 100 decibels had more than double the risk of being hospitalized for a workplace injury.

Lead researcher, Serge-Andre Girard said that, “exposure to high noise levels increases fatigue, decreases the ability to concentrate and impairs the quality of communication between workers. Both noise and noise-induced hearing loss could be involved in the occurrence of accidents. From an occupational safety perspective, work-related injuries remain an important issue that generates significant costs for businesses, workers and compensation organizations.”

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the occupational safety and health community named hearing loss one of the 21 priority areas for research in the next century. Most hearing loss that is the result of exposure to noise is preventable but once acquired is permanent and irreversible. Prevention measures should be taken by employers and workers to ensure the protection of workers’ hearing.

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