Is Your Hearing Tied to Your Quality of Life?

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If you have a hearing loss and are struggling with the idea of wearing a hearing aid or have been told by friends and family for years that you can’t hear and should be doing something about your hearing loss, then this article is for you. Please consider the following.

Your hearing is not like a snow shovel in the south, infrequently used and rarely remembered.  You rely on your ability to hear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We hear for enjoyment. Engaging in a lively conversation, listening to music or watching a film involve the ability to hear clearly.  Sometimes words aren’t what provides the joy in listening.  A quiet walk alone in the woods or along the ocean can provide immense enjoyment a large part of which involve hearing the sounds of nature.

We hear for reasons related to safety.  Hearing provides awareness of your surroundings from every angle (unlike your eyes which provide little information about what might be coming from behind you).  Your auditory system is constantly scanning the environment ready to alert you to sounds that might be cause for alarm whether you’re awake or asleep.  That explains why you can sleep through some sounds and other sounds will awaken you immediately.

Hearing is a primary means of communication whether you are the one providing information or the one seeking an answer to a question. Human beings are wired to experience distress when our ability to communicate is problematic.  While the term quality of life may be difficult to define, interference with the ability to understand and to be understood is bound to profoundly impact the quality of life of anyone who experiences that kind of a breakdown in communication for an extended period of time.

If your hearing loss is impacting your quality of life or the quality of life of someone you know and love call us today.

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