Auditory Services is the best place to begin your hearing aid journey, but we understand….not everyone starts here. As audiologists, our goal is to help people hear better, not just to issue hearing products. If you have purchased hearing aids elsewhere, but are not doing as well as you would like, you may be hesitant to start all over again. You may not be able to start all over again. And you may not need to.


We’ll help you with your hearing aids. No matter where you got them.

There is a good chance that we can use our experience and expertise to help you do better with the hearing aids you already have. We have acquired a reputation for helping people use their current hearing aids with much better results. In fact, our own patients often bring in their friends and family who are discouraged after purchasing hearing aids elsewhere, without the proper support system. We help to turn them around.

If there are simply limitations with what you have, or we truly feel that your current hearing aids are just inappropriate for you, we must of course tell you what you need to know. But most of the time, we can apply our knowledge and expertise to your current situation, to reduce your frustration and make you much, much happier.

Stop kicking yourself. Let’s see what we can do!

If you are interested in seeking our help with your current hearing aids please contact us to describe your situation. We’ll get back to you with more information.